Collagen Peanut Butter (12 bars)
Collagen Peanut Butter (12 bars)
Collagen Peanut Butter (12 bars)
Collagen Peanut Butter (12 bars)
Collagen Peanut Butter (12 bars)

Collagen Peanut Butter (12 bars)

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When you want a clean snack to satisfy your sweet cravings, you'll love this biscuity, nut butter based bar. Low sugar, plenty of protein and healthy fats to keep you full for longer. Collagen for anti-aging, injury prevention and better recovery. Keto friendly. Perfect pre or post workout or simply as a delicious, peanut buttery treat to get you through to meal time.

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Not just another snack bar.

We've chosen collagen as the protein source for these bars based on new and rapidly evolving research into its unique benefits. This odourless white powder has been researched by the Australian Institute of Sport and is used by many of the world's top sporting teams for better recovery, healing and injury prevention. It's now also showing great results in anti-ageing.


Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body but as we age our natural collagen levels decrease. Supplementing with collagen helps your whole body.

Stronger joints & tendons.

Studies show that taking hydrolysed collagen decreases joint pain after exercise and increases the density of cartilage, making joints more flexible.

Improved gut health.

Collagen contains large amounts of the amino acids glycine, glutamine and proline which can be beneficial to the intestinal tract as well as the stomach.

Better for the planet.

Collagen is a co-product of animal agriculture. If we don't use it, it becomes landfill. As our population grows we need to be make better use of the resources we have.

Naturally curbs cravings.

Good fats and protein will fill you up naturally making these bars a great choice if you’re trying to lose or maintain your weight, or to naturally control your appetite.

An alternative to meat.

Eating less meat also reduces your collagen intake. Supplementing with collagen is a great way to replace this important source of amino acids that you can't get from plants.

The Chief of snack bars

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Recommended by the experts.


As a nutritionist, I'm always looking for super easy yet tasty and filling snack and meal options to recommend my clients that are based on real food. Chief Bars deliver on all accounts - real food, tasty, filling and easy. Plus they're all packed with boatloads of micronutrients (bonus of real food).

Penny Benjamin



Chief Bars are one of my 'go-tos' for a ketogenic diet. They're convenient, they include collagen (which is great for my beaten up ol' joints!), and MCTs to help you get into and sustain ketosis. Plus, they're low in carbs and sugar. Win-win-win!

Cliff Harvey

Author, Nutritionist, Ketosis Researcher

Trusted by the pros.


The Chief Collagen Protein bar is the perfect snack to have after a long run. It sits well in my stomach and the flavours are satisfying. Since refuelling with the Chief Collagen Protein bars after my long trail runs, my body has recovered much quicker and my patella tendons are no longer aching which has allowed me to back up the next day to work and train.

Nick Walker

Champion Trail Runner


I have been eating Chief Bars for around a year now. Not only am I a busy athlete but I also coach and run my own business, so I am often eating on the run. Recovery is essential for me which is why I love Chief Bars. They are easy, tasty and the collagen aids in muscle recovery and repair. But being an athlete anti-doping is a high priority, so the batch testing is what sets Chief Bars apart for me.

Melissa Wu

2 x Olympic Silver Medalist and 2 x Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist Diver

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Customer Reviews

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Quick and healthy snack bar

The peanut butter bars are a great healthy and filling snack when you are on the run or get the munchies at 4.00 oclock in the afternoon. Generally these bars can be a little crumbly if you are not careful but I found the peanut butter bars seem to hold their form better than the cashew bars. I find I need to eat them together with a drink otherwise they can get a little caught up around your teeth. I feel that is a reasonable tradeoff considering there is low sugar and no nasties contained within. I would buy them again.

Love your bars!

The Chief peanut bars are the only nutritional bar that our whole family loves! We are all into fitness and gym and the bars are low sugar, high protein and taste fabulous!
I have organised monthly delivery but I think I need to change this to fortnightly!

Amazing taste

So refreshing to see a protein/energy bar that doesn’t taste like it came out of a laboratory. Also nice to experience taste without a sugary boost of fruit to try and boost carb content. The whole family loves them and it has replaced a multitude of other well known bars we used to but

The best

I love these bars, they are my go-to when I need something in between meals and my 9 year old daughter loves them and I love that she gets to eat some good quality protein.

Room for improvement

Ripping open the wrapper disintegrates the Peanut Butter bar. Carefully cutting it open with scissors works better; however you don't always have a pair handy when out.
Nutrition information on wrapper and carton differ; is there 4.4 or 2.7 grams of carb?

Hi Fay, thanks for the feedback! Sorry you didn't have a great experience, the latest batch we just received is significantly better, could I send you another few bars to try? Will have to get to the bottom of why an old box was used but to answer your question the wrapper is correct, it's 4.4g of carbs. Cheers! Justin