Biltong Sampler (4 x 30g bags)
Biltong Sampler (4 x 30g bags)
Biltong Sampler (4 x 30g bags)
Biltong Sampler (4 x 30g bags)
Biltong Sampler (4 x 30g bags)
Biltong Sampler (4 x 30g bags)
Biltong Sampler (4 x 30g bags)
Biltong Sampler (4 x 30g bags)

Biltong Sampler (4 x 30g bags)

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When you want a clean snack to satisfy your savoury cravings, you'll love our organic biltong. Just like slow cooking is better than zapping in a microwave, we slow air dry our beef which means it's naturally more tender and healthier than jerky. 

Perfect pre or post exercise or simply as a clean, high protein, low carb treat that'll get you through to meal time without filling you up too much. They're also perfect to keep in the pantry to use with your weekly meal prep. Use them to add a high quality protein source to salads, pizza and more. 

Sample pack contains 2 x Beef & Chilli Biltong 30g and 2 x Traditional Beef Biltong 30g bags.

Single 30g Bag: $6.50 per bag
Sample Pack of 4: $5.50 per bag
Box of 12: $5.33 per bag
Subscription Box of 12: $4.92 per bag
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Like jerky, but better.

Unlike most jerky, we naturally preserve our beef range just as our ancestors did with no added nitrates or nitrites (carcinogenic preservatives). We also don't use cheap fillers like maltodextrin or hydrolysed vegetable proteins (high in MSG). Most jerky is surprisingly high in sugar (upwards of 25%!) but our products have less sugar than a carrot. And because they're slow dried they're much more tender than jerky and retain over 90% of heat sensitive vitamins such as B12. Better is an understatement.

Better for you.

Low sugar and made from 100% organic grass-fed Aussie beef which is up to five times higher in healthy omega-3s. Slow dried rather than cooked means they're higher in heat sensitive vitamins like B12.

Nature's original protein.

About 80g of beef (three times more 'meat' than a sausage roll) goes into each bar and bag which is slow dried to remove the water weight. This means they're packed full of highly bioavailable vitamins, minerals and protein.

No nasty preservatives.

We reinvented an ancient drying process to naturally preserve our bars just as our ancestors did, with no added nasties like nitrates or nitrites. They'll last at least 5 months on the shelf without refrigeration.

Better for the planet.

Grass-fed beef is significantly better for the environment than grain-fed, particularly regeneratively farmed cattle which are a critical part of creating healthy soils and helping to reverse climate change.

Better for the animals.

Most beef comes from industrial feedlots where animals are kept in confined stalls and fattened with grains. We source our beef from family owned organic farms where cattle forage freely all year round.

Real food, fills you up.

Other snacks leave you craving more because they use artificial thickeners, fillers, sweeteners and sugar alcohols, or are too high in sugar. These are made from real food that squashes your hunger.

The Chief of snacks

How do they compare?

Recommended by the experts.


I love the Chief beef range. The meat is grass-fed, which keeps the fat profile extremely favourable to anti-inflammation. Beef is the best source of haem iron, great for energy, great for iron stores. They're high in protein, which is one of the most satiating macronutrients, so you feel fuller for longer. Even better, the kilojoule count is perfect as a snack that can be consumed on a daily basis. You can feel confident that you are eating an extremely healthy and health-promoting snack.

Dr Naras Lapsys

PhD Medicine and Dietician


I’m so glad there’s finally a savoury snack that’s healthy! I travel all over Sydney every day and often struggle to make a time for a proper meal….but I’m constantly hungry! Working full time and training hard requires lots of fuel and I don’t always like eating sweet bars. Having a box of Chief in the car is an absolute saviour. It’s like having a Sunday roast handy all day every day. It’s also great to be able to recommend a product that actually meets my beliefs on macro- and micro- nutrient needs.

Todd Liubinskas

Lead Trainer 12WBT, Fitness Director Men's Health

Trusted by the pros.


I find Chief Bar to be the perfect race nutrition and aided my recent win at the Kokoda Ultra. They're easy to digest and delicious. Post race the lamb and beef are not only satisfying but promote fast recovery.

Andy "Snake Man" Turner

Endurance Adventure Athlete, SES Volunteer and Venomous Snake Catcher!


Chief Bar is my number one snack on the go, especially on days when I barely get any breaks between training myself and my clients. I care about my health and fitness and I want to lead by example for my clients and all young girls and women out there.

Victoria Burdon

Trainer and Fitness Model

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Biltong Sampler (4 x 30g bags)


Billtong was nice the bars were average

Love these products

I’m more than happy with all the products I’ve purchased from Chief. The beef bars are sensational and the biltong is tender and juicy. The Chief Collagen Protein bars are the most delicious protein bars I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried them all!) totally different to anything else on the market. Thanks Chief.


Great for hiking snack


Oh my God. This stuff is incredible. I’ve always been grossed out by jerky type products but this biltong is so amazing! The texture is a bit like Parma ham or prosciutto, very tender and tasty. It’s not spongy or dry at all. And the flavor is delicious! Not too spiced, just like a slight hint of pepper. It’s so good! I received my sampler pack and tried one bag of the plain and I’m already jumping online to get a dozen. This will surpass my love of the collagen bars. DEF TRY IT!!