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Beef & Chilli Bars (12 bars)

Mixed box

Love the taste and variety’s , well worth buying. Delish

Great product

I have nothing but praise, prompt response following order, delivery within a week and the bars are great for the health conscious. Delicious whilst satisfying when you need a naughty treat that’s good for you!

Starter Pack
Jessica G.
Loving these!

I bought the starter pack, thinking, best value, atleast if it's crap I've tried everything and it's not that expensive. Honestly went in expensive them to be not so good, like most "keto friendly" "lower carb" treats. But these are actually amazing. Jerky is delish, the bars are so good, buttery and crumbly and moreish! The lemon tart was zesty and decadent! The Brownie was so tasty. Now I've been gluten free, and on and off keto for 5 years, and aside from making it yourself, this is the next best thing. I want to see chief bars I the supermarket! I'm so excited about chief bars I've already shared with a few friends. I'll definitely be getting more, once I finish what I got. Also, relatively quick delivery considering covid has slowed everything down too. If I could give more than 5 stars I would! Honestly the best keto low carb alternatives on the market.

Collagen Bar Mixed Box (12 bars)

Amazing quality and taste

I saw these on Facebook a few times before making the decision to order a sampler box and see if they delivered on their claims. Thankfully, they did in spades! These beef bars are delicious, and the perfect go-to snack option. During the Covid lockdown I've been mindful of trying not to give in to cravings and eat rubbish, so keeping some healthy, tasty, and satisfying Chief bars on hand has really helped me stick to my weightloss goals. The chilli bar has a substantial kick and is great, but my favourite is the original, and it is truly delicious! These aren't chewy or dry like typical dried meat products. It's soft, and slightly sweet; almost mince or kofta like in texture. There's nothing that compares on the market. After my sampler box I've subscribed to two boxes per month, and even then I feel like I need more! Thanks Chief for your focus on quality ingredients; it's noticeable in the end product. Highly recommend to anyone sitting on the fence.

Collagen Bar Sampler (4 bars)

Beef Bar Sampler

They where beautiful
Would like to try some of your other bars

Quick enjoyable snack without the nasties

Generally following a low inflammatory lifestyle has it's challenges as the convenient snacks are always low quality and loaded with sugar. Have been keeping a pack of these bad boys on hand for when making food is not possible from a busy schedule with a baby :)

Starter Pack
Petro V.S.

Starter Pack

Tasty but a bit dry

Loved the fact that they’re packed with protein & collagen but definitely need a drink with it!

Would have liked chocolate coated! But they’re great

Collagen Bar Mixed Box (12 bars)

Tastes like shortbread - delicious and satisfying and natural!

These are fabulous — a shortbread-type density that satisfies. I love that there are no weird ingredients and that the bars are tasty and filling. They are indulgent-tasting: when you want something snack-o-licious but still good for you…just sweet enough, salty enough, fatty enough to tick all the boxes. Love them.

Starter Pack
Anthony M.
Taste Good and Great Customer Service

I initially experienced some delays with my delivery so I had a bit of a sook on social media. The Chief customer service team responded positively and went out of their way to get the delivery expedited, so a big thanks to them for their professionalism. As for the products, I quite like the taste, digestabilibty and quality, especially the beef bars and biltong. The collagen bars are a little crumbly but still handy as a snack. I'll be ordering more.

Starter Pack
allan B.

Starter Pack


They’re so good!

Good macros, don't love the consistency

Let's face it no one eats protein bars for the taste. I find them a bit crumbly and the whole collagen thing is pretty meaningless. But they are fit for purpose - a low carb protein boost.

Great protein bar

A tasty protein bar that fills you up. Highly recommend the lemon tart & peanut butter collagen bars. The Chief beef bars are also great for hikes, a juicy jerry bar instead of a dried piece of leather jerky

Favourite grab and go snack

Always have one of these in my bag or car as a healthy snack on the go. I love the flavour and the almost shortbread texture!

Great Product

This tasty and healthy food is great for anyone wanting to follow an animal based diet. The Biltong is suitable for someone on the Carnivore diet. I am so impressed that there are no vegetable oils or other iinflammatory ingredients. The value pack is an economical way to purchase quality products.

The Best Protein bar

All flavours are so delicious, the hardest thing is to stop at one. They are not cheap but worth the money. Love that they are so natural, no gluten, dairy free and so low in natural sugars. Would like to see a bar or two made from Almonds as well Thank you.

Great carnivore(ish) recovery meal

I bought these as a post-exercise recovery meal. They are exactly as advertised - minimal ingredients, meat based and taste pretty good! They aren't the cheapest thing on the market, but if you consider what they are and what they are made from, the price is quite good. Definitely recommend

Great for Hiking Cape to Cape West Aust.

Took one a day for hike and it kept me going until dinner. Taste excellent and very happy with quality.

Collagen Bars

Thought I'd try these out and found them enjoyable. Don't expect anything moist or chewy though. They were fairly dry and 'gritty' which I found quite satisfying, though possibly not for everyone.