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Amazing and my whole family can't get enough of it!!

I bought these originally for ymaelf foe after workouts because they're so compact woth protein and my family members started eating them also because they loved the taste and texture! It qas pretty funny, but they're going fast in my household! I can't get enough of the bars, they're very very tastey!!

Chief Bars

Delicious bars. Love the texture and taste, and best of all no nasties or loads of sugar!

Shipping time is only letdown

Love theses bars and totally recommend them
However the only downside is the time it takes for an order to be processed, fix that please

Great taste and texture

These are the best, healthiest beef bars

Can’t honestly say…

Haven’t received it yet.

Really good product

Chef’s beef bars tick several boxes for me. They taste good, they are convenient and, being made from beef grown without chemicals, are something I feel safe about eating. Too many products today contain chemicals that are not good for our health. Avoiding chemical agriculture has to be a positive thing.

Something different to all the others.

Great texture not often evident in other bars. Very satisfying too if you are feeling like straying to something not healthy. Would definitely buy again.

Beef Bar Sampler (4 bars)

Chief Bars are the best!

Seriously the best bars. Kind on the tummy and great out on the trails on my runs.

Very tasty real protein bars

These beef bars are gamechangers! Clean and tasty, no nasties.

Really enjoy them- wish they were in supermarkets too

Really enjoy this as a wonderful healthy tasty pick me up anytime of the day. Are pricy though. The trick to keep them in the fridge to reduce the crumble factor is a good one- love them. I would like to add though that I would love these to be available at the major supermarkets (I know they are in some health stores) as I would definitely purchase them more often if I could grab some weekly along with the groceries. Online or specific trips to health stores or pharmacies is not always likely or possible. Thanks team

Thanks so much for your support Michelle! We're working on reducing our pricing - we'll prob always be a little more than other brands as we use nuts which are much more expensive than say, dried fruit and of course artificial ingredients, but we think we can make some good gains here as we get bigger. Same with supermarkets, it's pretty expensive just to get on the shelf but we hope to be there in the not too distant future. Our latest version due in 6 weeks or so will be a big improvement on the crumble factor, I think you'll be very happy with them! Look out for a 'new recipe' tag on the bars when they get here.

Starter Pack
Ruth T.

By far the best beef bars EVER! The starter pack was a delicious intro. I look forward to receiving my next order of 2 dozen and x12 collagen bars 😋

Tastes fine but not for me

Biltong was great and flavour of the meat and collagen bars was good but the consistency of both were not for me.

Starter Pack
Alon C.
Healthy and tasty snack

These snacks are definitely healthier than any other bars you can find, including other "health" bars.
I wish they packed a bit more flavour (like more chilli in the spicy version).
It's a bit on the expensive side, but I still decided to buy more.

Starter Pack
Georgia K.
Got the whole family covered

We absolutely loved the starter pack! It provided us an opportunity to taste the full Chief range at a very affordable cost. We couldn't be happier about finding such tasty and clean snacks and treats for the WHOLE family 🙌.
This would also be such a great gift idea!

Tasty, delicious, handy Bars

I really feel like I’m putting something nutritious into my body by eating these bars over other store bought bars. They are light and tasty and full of protein instead of sugar. I love them.

Collagen Peanut Butter (12 bars)

Hazelnut bar

A satisfying snack that isn’t full of sugar or fat


What is the product?


I love Chief products.
The beef bars are like a healthy tasting salami and the collagen bars are a great treat. I HATE artificial sugars so it's so good to know Chief doesn't use any.
I snack on half a bar at work and if I can help myself, I save the rest as a pre gym snack. LOVE THEM 😍

Andrew ..G

Really impressed with the quality of the bars. Super soft and enjoyable it’s like jerky but better!! Well done guys..

Starter Pack
Benjamin T.
Best sampler pack ever

Get in. They’re all great. Love the variety.

Not as expected.

I'm a big biltong fan so I was probably expecting something a little more like biltong or jerky, just in bar form. I'm not sure if it was the amaranth flour or another one of the ingredients but the texture wasn't my favourite and the overall flavour seemed to be leaning more to the sweet side when I was hoping for a more savoury taste.
As far as a protein rich snack goes, without all the usual rubbish added, they're a great option, I'd like to try the biltong next time though.


It’s hard to find healthy snacks and these guys crush. Great work team, keep it up.

Collagen Peanut Butter (12 bars)