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Loved the collagen sweets

Service and delivery were great. You know that the products are made with love & care for every aspect of the production to the nutritional value. Collagen pack was delicious. Biltong was really nice however there wasn’t much in the packs. The soft biltong was tasty and the right amount however too salty for my taste unfortunately.

Not to my taste

I found them very crumbly

Good product

My only wish to improve the experience would be if your delivery did not require a signature. It makes it very in convenient for me sometimes waiting up to a week before I can get to the post office to pick it up.

Thanks so much! It's not an option for Express Post unfortunately but we are looking at changing providers as Auspost have been quite unreliable so will see what we can do here. Really appreciate the heads up. Justin

Great product supporting regenerative ag and ancestral nutrition

Particularly like the new meat bars, its nice to find a product that aligns with ancestral nutrition, is minimally processed and supports regenerative ag.
The collagen bar is ok, the texture is a bit chalky for me, plus I mostly follow a carnivore-ish diet so prefer the meat!

Starter Pack

Absolutely loved the collagen bars and Biltong and will be purchasing more but the beef bars were horrible, i tried to share it out and no one liked it.

Great protein hit

A bit of a strange texture at first but tastes great (once you get past the strange texture) and a good source of protein for a long run.

Starter Pack

I loved the Collagen bars so much so I ordered more. I ended up ordering 3 more starter packs because I wanted a mixed box. Would be great if you had a mixed box available in the range.

Beef bars yum

Really enjoyed the flavour and texture of the beef bars. Softer than biltong. Handy to carry around. Delicious

There is a big delay between ordering and the bars arriving.
Not really a problem for me but much longer than most online orders

Hi Liz, sorry for the delay on your order! It's definitely not the experience we aim for (and usually achieve) so I hope we can do much better for you in future! Many thanks, Justin

No nasties!

Sample pack - tasted great! Would definitely recommend to anyone with tummy issues.

Great starter to try everything

Expected to love jerky, instead loved collagen bars more. They are all delicious and very handy to just have one on the go to replenish minor soft tissue damage after work out.

Unique texture of jerky bar which is not available elsewhere (I believe) but prefer slightly more chewable texture like you would experience in jerky. Also vinegar taste is quite strong throughout.

Biltong were quite nice especially. Loved original flavor over chilli. I wonder how jerky taste like if Chief people make - might be quite amazing.

Love to try different biltong flavor once available.

Thank you for great products.

Mmmm Meat

LOVE the beef bars
Have to hide them from my friends!!
Collagen bars very biscuity - not expected
Biltong- never tried before so a good introduction
Sample pack an excellent way to discover your favourites

Very nice!

I was so surprised...everything in the starter pack was delicious, especially the collagen bars.

Loved them

I’ve recently changed to a keto diet and I kept these bars as a backup in case I got stuck somewhere without and decent food. They came in very handy. Great taste as well


At 1st its a bit daunting to rip open the packet and be confronted by this brown bar. Your mind is saying "chocolate flavoured protein bar" or similar but the smell and texture don't match. Ignore the smell and bite in! Its very tasty, chewy, satisfying, convenient and healthy. I find them best to eat while sipping water. Very filling and addictive.

Collagen Bars - Any Flavour

Simple one word DELICIOUS! The collagen bars are so good. I can eat them anytime of the day and they always fill me. I do recommend them to anyone who wants to listen. Just wished the mix bars came in a 12 pack as I love them all 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


I have sampled all flavours of the chief collagen bars, love the peanut butter and choc hazelnut- tbh all flavours are really good. These bars have more of a shortbread texture rather than the usual chewy gluggy strange flavoured protein bar which was a pleasant surprise. Love the natural ingredients- no nasties.

Try them all

Trust me you won't be sorry
I've tried many different brands and these are hands down the best quality and taste .... why listen to me? You need to try them all1


I bought the starter pack.
The collagen bars had nice flavour but have a chalky texture.
The beef bars were so moist and had an odd flavour and consistency.
The jerry bags were pretty good

Good wholesome product range

I got a good range of mixed product. I enjoyed the collegen bars, and the beef bars. Filled you up with a good proportion of protein. I am still eating the jerky, these are a great snack

Meaty and tasty

Bars are very meaty, tasty and not too spicy with kind of a lemony tang. My only disappointment is that I always end up with a kind of a bit of sinew as the last piece in my mouth and spit it out or throw away. It’s not a big drama, a bit like finding a bit of sinew in your steak. I also find they fill me up quite well and often used two at lunchtime as a way of having a high-protein low carb lunch.

Peanut butter

Think they are my favorite next lemon tart

Collagen Peanut butter bars

Very tasty but a bit fragile and crumbly to send them through the mail.

Beef & Chilli Bars (12 bars)

Amazing flavours

The best beef bar I've ever tried, game changer for when I'm short of time but want a quick, healthy snack.