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Great snack Awesome taste

Love it

Great taste and flavours

Not my taste.

Have had a few different bars. The beef one's aren't for me, but the collagen bars where awesome

The perfect high protein snack for health conscious busy people.

It is so hard to find a clean snack that suits your macros and tastes great.
This is even harder when you are in a hurry.
The perfect high protein snack delivered to your door.
Love these bars for snacks between clients or for a post training snack on a busy day.

Love these bars!

Best protein bar I’ve had maybe ever. Just the right amount of protein, low sugar, and great flavour! Buying them direct in bulk is definitely the way to go!

Quick and healthy snack bar

The peanut butter bars are a great healthy and filling snack when you are on the run or get the munchies at 4.00 oclock in the afternoon. Generally these bars can be a little crumbly if you are not careful but I found the peanut butter bars seem to hold their form better than the cashew bars. I find I need to eat them together with a drink otherwise they can get a little caught up around your teeth. I feel that is a reasonable tradeoff considering there is low sugar and no nasties contained within. I would buy them again.

Love your bars!

The Chief peanut bars are the only nutritional bar that our whole family loves! We are all into fitness and gym and the bars are low sugar, high protein and taste fabulous!
I have organised monthly delivery but I think I need to change this to fortnightly!


Honestly, im impressed by the product. Low sugar, high protein but it tastes almost exactly like a shortbread biscuit.
I just wish the 12 pks came in a mix.

Great Bars!

Love these bars, I bought them for the team to use at work as a snack and they are all big fans now too, keep up the great work! Chilli flavour by far the winner.

tasty filling and lean

Very nicely flavoured, easily digestible and helps me to cut down on other types of snacking. Highly recommend

My go to snack

Love these bars, so good for when you are hungry, but don’t want carbs.

Yumbo Scrumbo!

Love love LOVE my Chief Bars! Only problem is that I eat them too frequently because they're so good!

Biltong Sampler (4 x 30g bags)

Yum yum

Having tried these bars some time ago, they have recently adapted the recipe to ensure it is not as crumbly. My only critique is that I wish they did smaller packs or mixed packs so I could order half hazelnut and half cashew! Overall really impressed with the changes. The staff are lovely to deal with too. I would definitely recommend trying this product! :)

Thanks so much Sarah! Mixed boxes are coming (it's just a bit tough to manage but we'll get there soon). We're thinking about smaller packs too. Thanks for the feedback!

Billtong was nice the bars were average

Collagen Bars are amazing

Thanks for these unique nutritious bars.
They are immensely satisfying and taste great without being oversweetened like most other products on the market.
All the flavours are great, I can't pick a favourite.

Thanks Samantha! We're working on the Aussie ingredients, top of the list for us in 2021

Amazing taste

So refreshing to see a protein/energy bar that doesn’t taste like it came out of a laboratory. Also nice to experience taste without a sugary boost of fruit to try and boost carb content. The whole family loves them and it has replaced a multitude of other well known bars we used to but

Best ever bars

I have had a few and these are by far the best. I love them!!

Love these!!

I’ve decided the lemon tart is my favourite flavour! I also noticed the texture of the bars have improved, making them even better.
These are a great guilt free snack.

The best

I love these bars, they are my go-to when I need something in between meals and my 9 year old daughter loves them and I love that she gets to eat some good quality protein.

Finally a healthy bar

Great for snacks when I’m riding, or at any time in between. Although, price ensures controlled consumption.

Delicious & tummy friendly!

OMG I am so happy to have found a protein bar that has absolutely no sugar alcohols!!! Apart from the amazing achievement that my stomach doesn't reject these bars, I really like all the flavours. Cashew shortbread is the best, lemon tart a close second I didn't mind the crumbly texture as mentioned by other reviewers, just means I can't eat them when doing something else like driving or mid-sport (that's what carb gels are for anyway). The texture is a nice reminder that these bars are "natural" and lack artificial caking agents, preservatives and goodness knows what else. Thanks very much for ticking so many dietary req boxes! I look forward to any other products you may release.

Delicious snack

These bars taste so indulgent. Great for a midday snack. Highly recommend

My New Fav BARS!

I have tried a lot of “healthy/protein bars” but they always leave my gut bloated, Chief Bars OMG where have you been all my life? These are a no brainer and my new GO TO bar!

third time back and I LOVE THEM!!!

Beef Bar Sampler (4 bars)