Impossible Beef Bar

Made with real fake meat

It's time to go woke

We make snacks from whole foods for people who love being healthy, but the powers that be have decided real food is 'bad' so we've decided to make ultra processed snacks for people who don't like meat but want to eat plants that taste like meat.


The new margarine

A few years ago we convinced you butter was bad and vegetable oils are great! Now you've figured out that was a lie we're changing with the times. Meat is bad and vegetable oils are great!


Made from water!

No, sorry I want actual food


And genetically modified soy!

Erm... no, thanks


And yummy vegetable oil!

Are you nuts? Get me outta here


Don't forget about Dextrose!

I've heard enough...


Just messin' around

Don't worry, we haven't lost our marbles. Fake meats are not a health food, and not all that great for the planet either. We'd love your help to spread the word:

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