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About Chief

The big food companies continue to dial up the perceived goodness on their snacks but all they’re doing is health washing the market with dubious claims.

Creating genuinely healthy and tasty snacks takes time and money, and shareholders don’t like that. Chief doesn’t have shareholders, just problem solvers. When we set out to make truly delicious health food with no artificial thickeners and fillers, no artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols, and without using loads of dried fruit, people said ’no chance’.

After years of frustrating trials, the ‘a-ha’ moment came when we re-invented an ancient curing process. It created our first product, a jerky bar that was pure and not packed with sugar or preservatives. That was tender not tough. That tasted like a delicious roast.

Our next challenge, a sweet tasting bar, was even harder to create without artificial crap or too much sugar. Most companies wouldn't even bother to try because it's too hard and too expensive, but we persisted and created our collagen bars based on nut butter. It seems too good to be true - bars that are 100% natural, low sugar and packed full of goodness and taste. Healthy snacks that are genuinely good for you. And we actually did it!

When you buy Chief products, you’re saying no to Big Food companies pretending to be healthy when they’re not. You’re helping us lead the way in the battle against the health destroying impacts of cheap, highly processed, artificial foods and too much sugar. You’re helping us prove we don't need all this crap in our food and there is a better way. You're also telling farmers that consumers care about where their food comes from - that we don’t like what Industrial Farming stands for, and that Regenerative Farming is the best thing for the health of people and the planet.

Great for people, and the planet

Our mission is to improve the health of people and the planet, and as a 100% Australian owned food business, we have a keen awareness that we need to do more to support our farmers who feed us at least three times a day.

We're passionate about Regenerative Agriculture, having visited farms where we can see the positive impact on both the landscape and the financial success of the farm, even through a long period of drought.

We're excited at the potential of Regenerative Agriculture to go beyond "sustainability" and actually start to heal the damage we've caused to the natural environment around the world. Particularly its ability to remove carbon from the atmosphere, not just slow or stop our carbon emissions, which sets it apart from any other climate change solution. In fact, Regenerative Farming practices are 2.5 times more effective at positively impacting climate change than the next nearest solution.

Read more about how we're working with Thankful4Farmers to support Aussie Farmers around the country.

Our Founders

Libby Babet, Co-Founder

Libby is a best selling health and fitness author and speaker. She's a former trainer for Channel TEN’s "The Biggest Loser: Transformed", fitness expert for Prevention Magazine and fitness expert for Austereo, Australia's largest radio network. She's also mum to daughter Izzy, founder of fitness studio The Upbeat, and co-founder of Nurture Group in partnership with AFL legend Paul Roos.


Veronika Larisova, Co-Founder

Veronika is a Nutritionist, Exercise Physiologist, Fitgenes practitioner and Educator who has worked with wide range of clientele ranging from Olympic athletes to weekend warriors. She is also a published author with the Australian Journal of Strength and Conditioning and writer for various magazines and blogs. As an ultra-marathon runner her dream is to run races around the world!


Brock Hatton, Co-Founder and MD

Brock is passionate about nutrition, health and wellness having worked in the industry for over 10 years. He was the Founder of health food distribution company This Natural Life which merged with Chief Nutrition in 2017.


Justin Babet, Co-Founder and Director

Justin has over 15 years experience across health and fitness, technology and human capital. He's passionate about helping the world move to Regenerative Farming practices to help create healthier food and fight global warming and climate change.