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Collagen Lemon Tart (12 bars)

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Collagen Lemon Tart (12 bars)
Collagen Lemon Tart (12 bars) Collagen Lemon Tart (12 bars) Collagen Lemon Tart (12 bars) Collagen Lemon Tart (12 bars) Collagen Lemon Tart (12 bars)

When you want a clean snack to satisfy your sweet cravings, you'll love this nut butter based bar without artificial crap or loads of dried fruit. Low sugar, plenty of protein and healthy fats to keep you full for longer. Collagen for anti-aging, injury prevention and better recovery. Keto and Paleo friendly. Perfect pre or post workout or simply as a delicious, biscuity treat to get you through to meal time!

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Why Collagen?

Collagen is the hottest new product in health based on new and rapidly evolving research into its unique benefits. This odourless white powder has been researched by the Australian Institute of Sport and is used by many of the world's top sporting teams for better recovery, healing and injury prevention. It's now also showing great results in the areas of anti-ageing as it turns out our body really needs the building blocks that collagen provides. Read more about collagen


Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body but as we age our natural collagen levels decrease. Supplementing with collagen helps your whole body.

Stronger joints and tendons.

Studies show that taking hydrolysed collagen decreases joint pain after exercise and increases the density of cartilage, making joints more flexible.

Improved gut health.

Collagen contains large amounts of the amino acids glycine, glutamine and proline which can be beneficial to the intestinal tract as well as the stomach.

An alternative to meat.

Eating less meat also reduces your collagen intake. Supplementing with collagen is a great way to replace this important source of amino acids that you can't get from plants.

Better for the planet.

Collagen is a co-product of animal agriculture. If we don't use it, it becomes landfill. As our population grows we need to be make better use of the resources we have.

Naturally curbs cravings.

Collagen is 40% more satiating than other proteins like whey and is a great choice if you’re trying to lose or maintain your weight, or to naturally control your appetite.

How do they compare?

What do they taste like?

Recommended by the experts.

Penny Benjamin, Nutritionist

As a nutritionist, I'm always looking for super easy yet tasty and filling snack and meal options to recommend my clients that are based on real food. Chief Bars deliver on all accounts - real food, tasty, filling and easy. Plus they're all packed with boatloads of micronutrients (bonus of real food).

Cliff Harvey PhD (c), Author, Nutritionist, Ketosis Researcher, Former 2 x All-Round Weightlifting World Champion and World Record Holder

Chief bars are one of my 'go-tos' for a ketogenic diet. They're convenient, they include collagen (which is great for my beaten up ol' joints!), and MCTs to help you get into and sustain ketosis. Plus, they're low in carbs and sugar. Win-win-win!

Melissa Wu, 2 x Olympic Silver Medalist and 2 x Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist Diver

I have been eating Chief Bars for around a year now. Not only am I a busy athlete but I also coach and run my own business, so I am often eating on the run. Recovery is essential for me which is why I love Chief Bars. They are easy, tasty and the collagen aids in muscle recovery and repair. But being an athlete anti-doping is a high priority, so the batch testing is what sets Chief Bars apart for me. 

Nick Walker, Champion Trail Runner

The Chief Collagen Protein bar is the perfect snack to have after a long run. It sits well in my stomach and the flavours are satisfying. Since refuelling with the Chief Collagen Protein bars after my long trail runs, my body has recovered much quicker and my patella tendons are no longer aching which has allowed me to back up the next day to work and train.

Clean ingredients, amazing macros.

Cashews [57%], grass-fed collagen [25%], tapioca starch, pure organic maple syrup, MCT oil powder (MCT Oil, acacia fibre), camu camu, cold pressed lemon oil, monk fruit.

Servings per package: 1 Serving Size: 45g



218 Cal

485 Cal




- Gluten

Nil detected

Nil detected

Fat, total



- Saturated



- Trans fat






- Sugars










How are they different?

Chief Collagen bars are a healthy, sweet snack made from nuts and grass-fed collagen protein. Other protein bars typically use either soy or whey protein isolates which are highly processed ingredients that undergo toxic chemical treatments to create a protein source that is difficult for your body to recognise. Unlike most other collagen snacks on the market, our bars are very low in sugar which is critical because sugar inhibits the absorption of collagen.

What do they taste like?

The best way to describe the taste would be like a nut butter biscuit. They're sweet but they’re very low in sugar which is important to ensure you can absorb the collagen.

What is collagen?

Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in the human body and a key structural component of connective tissues such as muscles, bones, skin, blood vessels, digestive system and ligaments and tendons. Our body produces less and less as we get older, the collagen formation in our skin decreases by around 1% each year after the age of 20 and breakdown significantly increases from the age of 40. Lower levels of collagen in the body leads to negative effects such as wrinkly, less elasticated skin and weaker tendons.

There are no plant sources of collagen, it can only be extracted from the connective tissues of animals. However, the molecules found in animal tissues are too large to be digested and absorbed by the human body so need to be broken down (by hydrolysation process) into gelatine or collagen peptides.

Gelatin = Partially Hydrolysed Collagen
The collagen is broken down to amino acid strands, making it easier to digest and more bioavailable, for example in bone broth. The more gelatine in your broth, the more jelly-like the broth is when cooled. Broth that stays watery when cool doesn’t have much gelatine in it.

Collagen Peptides = Completely Hydrolysed Collagen
The amino acid strands are hydrolysed even further and broken into individual collagen peptides, which is what you find in supplements. In this form, the collagen is easy to digest and highly bioavailable. Unlike gelatine, collagen peptides do not gel and can be dissolved in both warm and cold water. Studies have shown that more than 90% of collagen peptides are digested and available in the blood stream within one hour. The collagen peptides are then transported into the target tissues, e.g. skin, bones and cartilage, where they act as building blocks for local cells and help boost the production of new collagen fibres. This, of course depends on your digestion and some other contributing factors.

What is an effective dose of collagen?

You need 10g of collagen for it to be considered a therapeutic serving (i.e. have an impact). Our bars have 11g.

Why do you need to add Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is a key factor in collagen synthesis and new collagen fibres can’t form without it. Furthermore, vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that protects our body against free radicals, which damage our collagen and cause premature ageing. We add a natural source of vitamin C, Camu Camu, which has the highest known vitamin C content of all fruits (60 times more than oranges).

Why does sugar inhibit collagen absorption?

Sugar in the bloodstream attaches to collagen and elastin molecules via the glycation process, forming harmful new molecules called ‘advanced glycation end products’ (AGE’s). The more sugar you eat, the more AGE’s you develop, the more collagen and elastin fibres are damaged. This 'glycation' process also transforms even the most stable and long-lasting collagen fibres into more fragile fibres. This is one of the main reasons sugar makes us age on both the inside and outside. Too many AGE’s causes the skin to wrinkle, negatively impacts the biomechanical properties of tendons and leads to gut issues (due to damage caused to the intestinal lining resulting in inflammation).

If that wasn’t bad enough, sugar competes with vitamin C for space in cells due the similarities in their chemical structure. Diets which are high in sugar lead to low levels of vitamin C, thus inhibiting the formation of new collagen fibres. So watch out for supplements that are high in sugar and don’t contain vitamin C because the likelihood is, they probably won’t work!

Where does the collagen come from?

We source our hydrolysed bovine collagen from Brazil and Argentina because they're some of the only certified grass-fed sources we can get our hands on. We don't buy from Australia yet because there are currently no Australian made sources of bovine collagen! Crazy, we know. We are working with an Australian Organic Grass-fed and regeneratively farmed cattle co-op of farmers and an Australian manufacturer to create Australia's first bovine collagen (which will be organic and grass-fed). That'll probably be out by the end of 2020 and in our products shortly thereafter.

We don't use marine collagen because it is an allergen for many people, and most marine collagen available is from factory farmed fish or crustaceans which isn't particularly healthy and is inflammatory for most people which means it can cause more harm than good.

Where are they made?

Chief Collagen bars are made on the NSW Central Coast, Australia.

Who are they designed for?

Chief Collagen bars have been designed by athletes for athletes, particularly runners, but they're an extremely healthy and natural snack that can be enjoyed by anyone, anytime.

Are the collagen bars safe for pregnancy?

You should always check with your doctor but there is nothing in the collagen bars that you would need to worry about. They are very safe and great for pregnancy and breast feeding.

How to use them for injury prevention and rehabilitation

Recent research suggests that collagen could improve age-related joint issues as well as prevent injuries and aid post-injury recovery. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that supplementation with 15g of vitamin C enriched gelatine one hour prior to a specific tendon-training program has lead to doubled collagen synthesis in the targeted tendons. Other studies have found improved connective tissue structure and function and reduced pain with just 10g of gelatine ingested 30-60 minutes before a workout. The synthesis started to accelerate four hours post workout and maintained for up to 72 hours! Based on the research findings, several top sports teams around the world have been trialling this protocol including some high-profile Australian teams. You don’t have to be an elite athlete to benefit from supplementation though.

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Great bars
Easy low sugar snack
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Awesome tasty collagen bars
Thanks Sam! The latest batch is a little less crumbly and we're working on reducing it even more so would love your feedback as we go. It's bloody tough avoiding it without artificial crap or dried fruit but we've got some new machinery just installed which should make a big difference
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