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Is red meat actually bad for your health?

Is red meat actually bad for your health?

Yes and no. If you were looking for a straight answer it’s slightly more complicated than you might think. We’re here to simplify it for you so the next time you bite into your steak (or a Chief Meat bar), you do so worry-free and guilt-free. Our guest writer, Dr Naras Lapsys explains… 

Recently the World Health Organisation (WHO) created a media frenzy by releasing a report stating that red and processed meats are cancer causing (carcinogenic) agents. They reviewed over 800 research papers and concluded that eating processed meat such as bacon, deli meats and sausages were linked with colorectal cancer and that red meat is ‘probably’ carcinogenic.

As frightening as this all sounds, the announcement needs to be viewed in context. There may well be a link between consuming these foods and cancer, however the risk itself is very, very small. In truth though, this news isn’t a surprise and only confirms long standing general health messages that we should not be eating excessive amounts of processed and red meat.

The WHO report identified that if a person consumes a 50g portion of processed meat per day, he or she increases their risk of getting colon cancer by 18%. Again, putting this information into context, this degree of risk increase is about the same as other colon cancer risk factors such as being physically sedentary, overweight, or having a low vegetable or grain intake. So, the take home message here really is that moderation is the key.

So how do the WHO’s findings relate back to Chief Meat?

I for one, would find it very difficult to ever categorise the meat sourced in Chief Bars as 'processed meat'. It just is not.

The meat in a Chief Meat bar is grass fed and cured without using any harmful nitrates or other potentially toxic chemicals. Furthermore, the curing process does not involve cooking the meat at high temperatures, a process that has been well established as producing very toxic products called advanced glycation end products or AGEs. So processed meat, it is not.

Now yes, Chief bars do contain red meat, both lamb and beef. However, we must remember the consumption of red meat also has its own health benefits, like the heart healthy oleic acid and the very valuable haem iron. Chief Meat bars are an excellent source of unprocessed red meat and can most certainly be incorporated into the most healthy of eating patterns.

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