5 New Ways To Eat Like A Chief

OK so we know Chief Bar is an afternoon-saving snack, but recently we’ve been getting some feedback from our healthy tribe of Chief fans that there are more creative ways to eat #likeachief – we tried them out and they’re delicious, so we thought we’d share a few of our favourites!

#1 – Breakfast fry-up

Forget eggs and bacon – have you thought about pan-frying a Chief Bar with your eggs? It’s healthier and some would argue, a whole lot more delicious ;).

#2 – On a pizza

Slice it up and sprinkle it on your pizza base like pepperoni. Delish!

#3 – With cheese and crackers

Chunks of Chief with blue cheese and rice crackers, plus a cheeky splash of red on a Friday night? Don’t mind if we do.

#4 – Toasted over an open fire

This might be our favourite suggestion yet. Just like you’d toast marshmallows, pop a third of your bar on a stick, hold it over an open fire until a delicious aroma surrounds your campfire and then eat it straight from the source! Yum is the only word to describe this experience.

#5 – Chief Burgers

Did you know you can put Chief in the toaster? Do that first, then pop it inside a burger bun with fresh salad, pickles, mashed avocado and a little chilli. Voila! Chief burger with the works. Even better if you add homemade sweet potato fries to the mix.

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