Clean snacks
that cut the crap.

Better for you and the planet

Let's cut the crap.

When you're time poor you make poor choices. If you had time to read all the small print on that ‘healthy’ snack you probably wouldn’t feel too good about it. At Chief, we deeply care about what we put in and what you get out of it. We’re totally uncompromising on health, sustainability and keeping the crap out. 

Nothing fake.

No artificial thickeners, fillers, emulsifiers, preservatives, sweeteners or sugar alcohols. 

Low sugar.

We've ditched the dates and too much dried fruit to keep carbs and sugar at healthy levels.

Gluten free.

And free from dairy, soy and vegetable oils to avoid inflammation and promote gut health.

Not just healthy, they taste great too.


Best ever bars

I have had a few and these are by far the best. I love them!!

Nicky W.

Collagen Bars



The biltong is soooo good! After my first bag I placed another order immediately! Super tender and tasty. Not too rich or dry. Love this stuff!!

Karise M.



Amazing taste

So refreshing to see a bar that doesn’t taste like it came out of a laboratory. The whole family loves them and it has replaced a multitude of other well known bars we used to eat.

Justin G.

Collagen Bars


My New Fav BARS!

I have tried a lot of “healthy/protein bars” but they always leave my gut bloated, Chief Bars OMG where have you been all my life? These are a no brainer and my new GO TO bar!

David G.

Collagen Bars


Love these products

I’m more than happy with all the products I’ve purchased from Chief. The beef bars are sensational and the biltong is tender and juicy.

Linda P.

Beef Bars and Biltong


Gold standard biltong

So great to have a high quality biltong made from high quality meat with minimal, well chosen additives. It tastes good, is tender and I believe it is much more nutritious.




The best

I love these bars, they are my go-to when I need something in between meals and my 9 year old daughter loves them and I love that she gets to eat some good quality protein.

Justin A.

Collagen Bars

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And proudly supporting Aussie farmers.

We support Thankful For Farmers, helping farmers transition to Regenerative Agriculture and fight climate change.

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Dr Naras Lapsys

Medical Doctor and Dietitian

"Every day, more and more studies confirm that processed food and in particular, processed carbohydrates, are just not good for us. Chief Bars really tick all the boxes."

Penny Benjamin

Nutritionist, Engineer, Educator

"I'm always looking for super easy yet tasty and filling snack and meal options to recommend my clients that are based on real food. Chief Bars deliver on all accounts."

Cliff Harvey

PhD, Nutritionist, Keto Researcher

"One of my 'go-tos' for a ketogenic diet. They're convenient, they include collagen (which is great for my beaten up ol' joints!), and MCTs to help you get into and sustain ketosis."

Victoria Burdon

Trainer and Fitness Model

"Chief Bar is my number one snack on the go. As a trainer and fitness model, I care about my health and fitness and I want to lead by example for my clients and all young girls and women out there."

Todd Liubinskas

Lead Trainer 12WBT, Fitness Director Men's Health

"I travel all over Sydney every day and often struggle to make a time for a proper meal….but I’m constantly hungry! Working full time and training hard requires lots of fuel so having a box of Chief in the car is an absolute saviour."

Andy Turner

Endurance Adventure Athlete

"I find Chief Bar to be the perfect race nutrition and aided my recent win at the Kokoda Ultra. They're easy to digest and delicious. Post race the beef bars are not only satisfying but promote fast recovery."

About Us

Why we started.

Chief was founded by health and fitness specialists Libby Babet and Veronika Larisova.

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