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Tasty, healthy snack bars made from real food.

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Let's cut the crap.

When you’re time poor you make poor choices. And if you had time to read all the small print on that ‘healthy’ snack you wouldn’t feel too good about it.

Chief really gives a s**t about what we put in and what you get out of it. We’re totally uncompromising on taste, on health benefits and on keeping the crap out. We call it extreme naturalness. And it makes a pretty good choice.

Collagen Bars.

Designed for anyone who loves moving their body, especially great for runners. Collagen has been shown to strengthen joints, recover muscles and repair tendon damage. Collagen also aids digestion and improves gut health so your stomach will thank you for it too!

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Meat Bars.

Designed for adventurers who want real food on the move. These meaty snacks are similar to jerky, but are slowly dried at a lower temperature giving them a much more tender texture. Unlike most jerky, our bars are preservative free and very low in salt and sugar. We use 100% grass-fed Australian meat, you can't get better than nature's original protein.

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Why we started.

Libby Babet, Co-Founder

Recommended by

Dr Naras Lapsys, Medical Doctor and Dietitian

"Every day, more and more studies confirm that processed food and in particular, processed carbohydrates, are just not good for us. Chief Bars really tick all the boxes."

Victoria Burdon, Trainer and Fitness Model

"Chief Bar is my number one snack on the go. As a trainer and fitness model, I care about my health and fitness and I want to lead by example for my clients and all young girls and women out there."

Andy Turner, Endurance adventure athlete

"I find Chief Bar to be the perfect race nutrition and aided my recent win at the Kokoda Ultra. They're easy to digest and delicious. Post race the lamb and beef are not only satisfying but promote fast recovery."

Penny Benjamin, Nutritionist, Engineer, Educator

"I'm always looking for super easy yet tasty and filling snack and meal options to recommend my clients that are based on real food. Chief Bars deliver on all accounts."

Todd Liubinskas, Fitness Director Men’s Health

"I travel all over Sydney every day and often struggle to make a time for a proper meal….but I’m constantly hungry! Working full time and training hard requires lots of fuel so having a box of Chief in the car is an absolute saviour."

Cliff Harvey PhD, Author, Nutritionist, Keto Researcher

"One of my 'go-tos' for a ketogenic diet. They're convenient, they include collagen (which is great for my beaten up ol' joints!), and MCTs to help you get into and sustain ketosis. Plus, they're low in carbs and sugar."

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